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Inclusions and Exclusions

Bassac Term

Cuisine on board the Bassac

Bassac Term

Waking up on the river

Bassac Cruise in Mekong River


As a rule of thumb, we take care of you from boarding to disembarkation. You may also ask us to provide you with other services, like land transfer or speedboat connection to or from Cambodia.
The services of the Bassac include per night on board:

Transportation on board;
Accommodation of each passenger in a twin-share cabin, double- or twin-bedded,
except where other accommodation arrangements are mentioned in the booking slip;
Three meals;
Vietnamese coffee, tea; mineral water;
Two visits on shore or on a small skiff;
Access to all services on board;
Access to and from the board on a longboat;
All taxes.

Optional Extras on chartered or private trips:

Bicycling for up to 12 persons with a supporting guide;
Kayaking for up to 6 persons with a supporting longboat.

Are excluded:

Road, speedboat transfer, except if specifically mentioned in the booking slip;
Bar services;
Personal travel insurance;
Visas and visa fees;
Tips and gratuities.

1. The price of a chartered trip is built as follows:

Ship rental is just like for a simple private trip on the scheduled route.
Accommodation and services to the passengers are just like for a private trip on the scheduled route.
Empty ship transfer: If you decide to depart from another port than the scheduled one, or arrive at another port than the departure port of the scheduled trip on the day of your arrival, we would ask you to take charge of the expenses incurred.
As of Feb 13. 2012, the expenses amount to ₫‎3 024 300 per hour of scheduled transfer.

2. We do not guarantee availability or departure for late bookings.


Bassac Cruise in Mekong RiverThe Bassac are three elegant rides sharing the same standards and mostly differing in size. All three Bassac are built of wood according to the tradition of the rice barges of the Mekong delta, with amendments where safety standards require. Bassac I actually once was a rice barge, which we bought and overhauled into the cozy cabin cruiser it is today, and although Bassac II and III are entirely new hull designs, more adapted to their present purpose, they were built with the same craftsmanship and according to the same tradition




Overnight, daily

Cruise the Mang ThitCruising the Măng Thít river, in the heart of the Mekong delta, on board a wooden boat

Join in on the Bassac's regular overnight cruises between Cái Bè and Cần Thơ. It is very easy to join in: just pick your choices and write to us, we shall return to you soon with availabilities and a detailed offer.

Every day, departure across the Mekong delta, either way

Join in on one of our short trips, Cần Thơ - Cái Bè and Cái Bè - Cần Thơ any day.

They are our most classic trips, and they sail across the Mekong delta rather than upstream or downstream, so they keep you on smaller riverways, in touch with a constantly evolving scenery. If you are unsure about which itinerary to take, believe us and pick one of these two.

Bassac Long Trips

Bassac Boats in Mekong River

Between Cái Bè and Cần Thơ

Bassac Cai KheMake the best of the smaller waterways and take a return trip across the delta, Cái Bè - Cần Thơ - Cái Bè, departing every day. The itinerary is retracing its steps, but at different times in the day, and as part of the trip is run at night, there is always something on the way back that you did not see on the way to. A loop also makes the road transfers shorter.

We also offer regular extensions to our classic overnight trip across the Mekong, exploring Thốt Nốt, North of Cần Thơ and providing you with a glimpse of yet another ambiance: larger rivers and more floating fish farms. Join in on Cái Bè - Cần Thơ - Cần Thơ, departing on Wednesdays and Thursdays, or Cần Thơ - Cần Thơ - Cái Bè, departing on Thursdays and Fridays.

The loop North: connecting with Cambodia

The Bassac II at night, North of Chaudoc on the Bassac, the second branch of the Mekong, very near the frontier to CambodiaThe Bassac II at night, North of Chaudoc on the Bassac, the second branch of the Mekong, very near the frontier to Cambodia

We operate more accasionnally a long loop from Cần Thơ North to Châu Đốc, so we offer some opportunities for longer trips, and the opportunity to connect with Cambodia.

Cái Bè - Cần Thơ - Châu Đốc is a superb two-night journey that will take you to the heart of the Mekong delta and to the Cambodian frontier. It is possible to connect to Cambodia with a speedboat. We can make the arrangements for you.

You may also take the long loop from Cần Thơ to Cái Bè, Cần Thơ - Châu Đốc - Cái Bè, with visits of the Muslim Chàm minority and a stop at a XIXth Century franciscan monastery. A unique insight into the variety of the sceneries in the delta. Or if you prefer to plan your discovery of the Mekong delta from the wider to the more intimate, or are coming from Cambodia, join in on Châu Đốc - Cái Bè - Cần Thơ, which will take you from the largest Hậu Giang river through Sa Đéc and Cái Bè, then into the smaller waterways of Vĩnh Long to Cần Thơ, ending at the Cái Răng floating market.

Round tour of the delta: 4 days, 3 nights

Loop the great loop along Cái Bè - Cần Thơ - Châu Đốc - Cái Bè and discover many facets of life on the Mekong delta, from smaller rivers across the fertile lands downstream through the powerful Mekong and entire villages of floating fish farms, to a XIXth century Franciscan monastery still living its secluded life of an island.

Chartering a Bassac

Chartering a Bassac

Private trips

Chartering a BassacMake your journey on the Bassac a private experience.

Privatize a whole ship for your party along any scheduled overnight trip and pay only $1560 plus $76 per passenger (Bassac I). For a party of 10, you pay only $2320 and for a party of 24, $4070 on board Bassac II or III, that is $169.58 per passenger.
Chartering to wherever you want

Chartering gives you the freedom to take your party wherever you want, and spend the time cruising your preferred places.

Affordable: It is easy and affordable to charter a Bassac, and with our smaller and larger ships we can offer affordable trips to the smaller groups as well as host a party of up to 24 passengers on board one ship, or more on several ships.

Make sure you always tell us where you want to go so we help you devise the cruise of your dreams.

Connecting with Cambodia

Itinerary Length Offered Description
Cái Bè - Vĩnh Xương in 3 nights 3 nights charter any day The best experience of connecting to Cambodia: The boat first takes the passengers across the Delta to Cần Thơ, upstream the Bassac to Châu Đốc, and then through the Tân Châu canal, a very different delta again, with wide open rice fields, high banks and wooden ship yards. The trip ends right at the frontier for a connection with Phnom Penh, just 3 hours away on board a speedboat (not incl.).
Vĩnh Xương - Cái Bè 1 night charter any day The shortest connection from Cambodia: the Bassac picks your passengers up right at the frontier and brings them to Cái Bè, just 2 hours away from Hochiminh City. On the way, the boat gets into smaller rivers and stops for a visit of a XIXth century franciscan monastery.

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The Bassac II on Măng Thít early morningThe Bassac

The Bassac are three elegant rides sharing the same standards and mostly differing in size.





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