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Bassac Cruise Mekong RiverEven if you have not got chances to visit Mekong Delta yet, it is feasible to hear the fame of Mekong Cruise Trips within the affordable prices and exclusive highlights in days and nights. In fact, there are many vessels running on the daily basis that inspires you to explore the actual charm of Mekong canals. After viewing lots of attractive pictures and itineraries, the vacationers somehow find it inspirational to pick up the five best cruise trips in Mekong Delta River.




Cruises Ha Long BayEven when you have not yet visited Halong Bay, you can easily realize how many cruises there are on the Bay. The fifty some posted elsewhere online does not speak it all: there are as many as four hundred vessels running daily. It cannot be denied that the best way to visit the myriad of islets and grottos is by a cruise, but choosing one can be a daunting tasks: so many prices, so many pictures and so many itineraries. We are suggesting below some of the best options for a Halong Bay Cruise:




Victory Cruise Halong BayWhile more and more travelers are charmed by the Halong’s archipelago enchantment, some of them can’t steer themselves from the restless interest in cruising around the Bay. Since the natural Bay is home of numerous rare plants and animals, it is waiting for all to explore and contemplate in the lifetime. 

From the exclusive species to the picturesque landscapes, the Natural World Heritage site wins the visitors’ heart in days and nights. If your interest is around cruising in Halong Bay, choose the boats whose names are Red Dragon, Aphrodite Cruise, and Victory Cruise due to your budget. Being classified as the mid-range Cruises, they are perfectly suitable for those traveling with the modest wallets.



Jayavarman Cruise Mekong DeltaStanding out as one of the most eminent destinations in Vietnamese Tourism, Mekong Delta evolves the new horizons for all travelers to get indulged into within days and nights. Thanks to the blessed features of beauty nature and friendly inhabitants, the land attracts the tourists magnetically associated with the lasting charm. Once setting foot on Mekong Delta, you will be amazed at the land’s friendliness inspired by both nature and the local. In addition to the existence of the harmonious landscapes, also expect to contemplate the charming river, local cuisine, and effective means of transport.


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