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Jayavarman Cruise Mekong DeltaStanding out as one of the most eminent destinations in Vietnamese Tourism, Mekong Delta evolves the new horizons for all travelers to get indulged into within days and nights. Thanks to the blessed features of beauty nature and friendly inhabitants, the land attracts the tourists magnetically associated with the lasting charm. Once setting foot on Mekong Delta, you will be amazed at the land’s friendliness inspired by both nature and the local. In addition to the existence of the harmonious landscapes, also expect to contemplate the charming river, local cuisine, and effective means of transport.


Jayavarman – Enjoy King’s Accommodation 

Featuring palace of king, Jayavarman was thoughtfully designed with the luxurious inspirations. Every passenger can enjoy the gorgeous accommodation right on the Jayavarman Cruise as they are staying in the palace, interestingly. During your stay on the splendid means of transport, the exclusive Mekong Delta Tour from Vietnam to Cambodia moves smoothly from the beginning to the end. Why not discover the lost civilization through Ho Chi Minh City, Phnom Penh, and Siem Reap? As the standard Cruise for Indochina Tour, Jayavarman satisfies you with its boutique style and perfect luxury on the 800-square-metres public spot within 4 decks. 

Due to your budge and preference, book the deck that is linked to the scenic view over the magnetic Mekong canals. Including up to 27 staterooms for the passengers of all age and gender, the “royal” Cruise is what everybody needs to explore the charm of Mekong Delta in the private and incredible demeanor. With the ceiling panoramic sliding glass door, breathe the fresh air at anytime you feel like. 

Pandaw Cruise – Boat With Family Home 

Being generally regarded as a floating family home, Pandaw Cruise offers the exclusive adventure Tour to explore the real beauty of Mekong Delta. In the traditional design with colonial river boiler and teak, the Cruise features the great harmony in respect to the nature. As a result, it inspires the friendly mood and family-like atmosphere. 

With Mekong Pandaw, the tourists can enjoy various trips inside the Mekong Delta areas or beyond from Saigon to Siem Reap. For instance, 7-night aboard on Pandaw promises to make you filled with the great culture ad lifestyle of the locals along the route. In addition to the French colonial port at Saigon, also enjoy the excursion to the vast delta of southern Vietnam and Cambodia as well. 

RV La Marguerite Cruise – Icon of Elegance and Luck 

Appearing in the French colonial style, RV La Marguerite Cruise offers the elegant and artistic space for all passengers to witness the enchantment of Mekong Canals. The boat is what you need to take the great shots and video for the lifetime memory. To suit the universal needs, the Cruise absolutely serves all for the family vacation, honeymoon tour, friendship trip, etc. In the utmost status, everybody feels great to make the sound of heart. 

Meanwhile, do not be shy of asking the knowledgeable Guides for lots of precious data about the historic and cultural sites throughout the Tour. The attractive Indochina architecture gives you the best cruising experience that you’ve ever had in the life-span.


(by Best Cruises Vietnam)

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