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Victory Cruise Halong BayWhile more and more travelers are charmed by the Halong’s archipelago enchantment, some of them can’t steer themselves from the restless interest in cruising around the Bay. Since the natural Bay is home of numerous rare plants and animals, it is waiting for all to explore and contemplate in the lifetime. 

From the exclusive species to the picturesque landscapes, the Natural World Heritage site wins the visitors’ heart in days and nights. If your interest is around cruising in Halong Bay, choose the boats whose names are Red Dragon, Aphrodite Cruise, and Victory Cruise due to your budget. Being classified as the mid-range Cruises, they are perfectly suitable for those traveling with the modest wallets.


Red Dragon Junk – Refined Asian Décor 

Offering the memorable ambiance for the passengers to cruise in Halong smoothly, Red Dragon is also outstanding via her refined Asian décor with the images of the dragon in red. As its name has noted, this mid-range Cruise was named and designed after the standard Chinese Junk. The original version of Red Dragon Junk has explored the rivers, seas, and harbors from Singapore to the North of China. With the 5 high-class Cabins for the superior nobilities, the Junk also meets the luxurious needs and wants. 

So long as you want to explore the natural wonders, lagoons, and fishing communities around Halong Bay, reasonably board the Red Dragon you be protected by the Asian handmade Artisan woodwork. Evolves the sense of royal serving, the Cruise let you feel as if you are treated like the royalty while resting in the comfortable cabin, lounging on the roomy deck, and dinning in the exclusive restaurants. Claming that your 11-member group is looking for the spacious Halong Cruise to roam around the bay! This masterpiece is perfectly worth considering!  

Aphrodite Cruise – Eco Experience and Quiet Stay 

In the simple design, Aphrodite Cruise brings all closer to the local fish farms to witness how they live with the daily activities and cultures. Standing out as the superior choice for eco experience and quiet stay, this mid-class Cruise features the stylish accommodation and private services for all to get the sense of ecotourism. The shared passion for beautiful natures make almost all passengers feel good to treat each others gently in the warming atmosphere. 

Safely tour around various hot destinations like Duck islets, Fighting Cock islet, Surprise Islets, etc,., and enjoy cooking, swimming, kayaking, or massaging enable the travelers to say YES to fulfillment. When the sea is covered by the darkness, it is time to enjoy the tasteful seafood together in the peaceful ambiance with the reflected candles, starlight and moonlight as well.

Victory Cruise – Legendary Beauty and Fine Art

Informatively, Victory Cruise is inspired from the Traditional Junk featuring the legendary beauty of the Bay. Thanks to the fine art decoration associated with the tropical crucial wood, the Cruise promises to secure your Trip with luck and elegance. Promoting the sense of victory, this mid-class Star Cruise depicts magnificent structure and artistic design. From the view of bird, we concur that The Victory Cruise is very massive and eye-catching like the dragons descend in flocks from the sky.


(By Best Cruises Vietnam)

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