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Bassac Cruise Mekong RiverEven if you have not got chances to visit Mekong Delta yet, it is feasible to hear the fame of Mekong Cruise Trips within the affordable prices and exclusive highlights in days and nights. In fact, there are many vessels running on the daily basis that inspires you to explore the actual charm of Mekong canals. After viewing lots of attractive pictures and itineraries, the vacationers somehow find it inspirational to pick up the five best cruise trips in Mekong Delta River.



Best King Accommodation - Jayavarman Mekong Cruise

Jayavarman Cruise is usually given the top priority with the bed of roses. From the first sight, the Cruise aesthetically wins your eyes through various eye-catching amenities created for the royalties. Since the cabins are all spotless, they are worth well the money for the perfectly luxurious stay. Especially, the panoramic sliding glass door is there for you to enjoy the fascinating view over Mekong Delta as the prestigious characters. Only spending around $1,318/pax to experience the 4-day-and-3-night tour to the Pearl of the Orient from Ho Chi Minh City through Cai Be, Chau Doc to Phnom Penh! Stay on the palace of king soon!

Best Family Home – Pandaw Cruise 

Best known as a floating family home, Pandaw Cruise is operated for the exclusive adventure tours that make cruising around Mekong Delta a wholesomely unique experience. Featuring the traditional French style (colonial river boiler and teak), Pandaw cruise brings you closer to the nature. The 5 days/4 nights Mekong Tour with Pandaw Cruise within $1,332/pax is what you need to sail in the friendly demeanor from Phnom Penh to Chau Doc, Sa Dec, Cai Be, and Ho Chi Minh City. The vast delta of southern Vietnam and Cambodia are presented before eyes along the trip route. 

Best Icon of Luck – RV La Marguerite Cruise 

In French colonial style, RV La Marguerite Cruise matches the vacationers’ needs and wants within the reasonable prices. Investing about $2,599/pax for 8-day-and-7-night Mekong Tour from Ho Chi Minh City through Cai Be and Vinh Long to Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. Whether you’re traveling individually or in groups, this Cruise adds much fun and pleasure to your vacation. Want to get rid of the bustling life? The best icon of luck - RV La Marguerite Cruise – amazes you with the peaceful lifestyle in various destinations on a budget. 

Best Discovery Cruise – The Bassac 

In case of the Bassac Cruise, it offers the best discovery to figure out the real fascination of Mekong Delta and its essentials. As the top tour package available, the mid-range Mekong Cruise like the Bassac is linked to the 2-day Tour within $227/pax from Ho Chi Minh City to Cai Be and Can Tho. The best attractions around the canals call for your interest in their friendly appearance and excellent standard at the appropriate price. The series of the Bassac I, II & III in the wooden style give passengers the great flexibility in cruising and witnessing the nice essentials around!

Best Equipped Cruise – Aqua Mekong Cruise 

The biggest advantage of Aqua Mekong Cruise is that it is fully equipped with the modern amenities and facilities in the universal standard. While sailing on this Cruise and enjoying the 5-day Tour (within $4,000/pax) from Ho Chi Minh City to Phnom Penh, you will uncontrollably fall in love with the Mekong excursion. The masterful Guides surely offer you the most leisurely services for both cultural and historic merits.


(By Best Cruises Vietnam)

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